The Kshatriya and Memorial Day

Your life purpose is in accord with the nature of your nervous system, your Being, the nature of your physiology, your true nature, your inherent and spontaneous nature.  It is natural for you.

There are four basic types of nervous systems.  As with each type, the Kshatriya nervous system is a profoundly honorable, noble, dignified, and laudable type.  The Kshatriya upholds harmony with nature and cultural integrity in accord with natural law.  Lord Krishna was a Kshatriya.  The purity of Vedic Knowledge is entrusted to the Kshatriya, who protects and upholds it.

In this age of humanity, as with all four types of nervous systems, the role of the Kshatriya has been misunderstood and distorted.  But the heart and soul, the spirit, of the true Kshatriya remains eternally pure.  On this Memorial Day weekend, we remember and honor the purity of those warriors who gave their lives in the spirit of the Kshatriya.

It is said that those Kshatriya, giving their life in battle, attain immediate enlightenment.  They are among those who uphold and protect dharma… righteousness, purity of heart, and the Divine within us all.


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  1. Beautiful!

  2. I’m currently reading The Mahabharata. It is all about following dharma and protecting dharma. Krishna is, of course, one of the main characters and was an incredible kshatriya. He did not have an easy path, with many enemies. His duty was to end Dwapara yuga and usher in Kali yuga. It makes me think of our current dharma, helping Brahmarshi usher in a period of Sat yuga.

  3. Beautiful

  4. The feelings of honor, respect, and humility are palpable from you words.

  5. This blog is a wonderful expression of the essence of Kshatriya, updated in modern language. Thank you. It adds dignity, respect and appreciation for the true role and service.

  6. is there a way to know your nervous type or you just have to find out?

  7. eri,
    few people are purely one or the other these days.

  8. beautiful. thank you.

  9. Ok i was thinking that at first i was a bit confused.
    Thanks for clarifying

  10. I agree with Chick. Reading your words, the feelings of honor, respect, and humility are palpable. There is also a feeling of purity. Thank you for bringing us to such subtle and pure places.