The Matrix

Illusion | Michael MamasI think the movie, The Matrix, works so well because (intentionally or not) it relates to Vedanta so nicely. People have even said that when they got up and walked out after the movie, they really felt like they were experiencing everything as Maya (Maya=illusion=the Matrix).

1. “The Matrix can’t tell you who you are.”

Comment: The Matrix is the Maya called relative existence. Vedic Knowledge explains that who and what you truly are transcends relativity, transcends Maya.

2. I believe it was Trinity that said, “The Matrix isn’t real,” to which the traitor in the group responded, “I disagree.” 

Comment: Though relativity is illusion, even once people become aware of its nature and have seen beyond the illusion, they often turn their back on Knowledge and lose themselves once again to the illusion. Deep inside, everyone knows Truth, though it is hidden beneath their identity with relativity (identity with the illusion). For that reason, when they hear Vedantic Knowledge, it can resonate deep within them. Many times after hearing my lectures, individuals have come up to me and said, “I’ve been looking for this my whole life. I always knew something like this had to be true. I will never miss another lecture or retreat again.” Then they walk out the lecture hall door, never to be seen again. Identity with relativity has a strong grip on people’s awareness. Even when offered the red pill of Knowledge, they opt for the blue pill of oblivion.

3. “There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

Comment: All too often, people study spirituality and decide they know all about it. They may even consider themselves to be scholars, gurus, or even enlightened. In reality, they simply ‘know the path.’ However ‘walking the path’ is not about moods, attitudes, philosophies, or intellectual or emotional experiences. ‘Walking the path’ is a state of physiology cultivated over time. There’s a big difference between knowing all about and embodying.

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  1. Thank you. This is such a clear and inspiring explanation.

  2. Thank you for working with me.

  3. Truth be told, people do “white knuckle onto their belief systems.” If they only knew that consistent meditation, retreats, and Surya classes help transcend the boundaries of those limitations and expose a whole new world to their consciousness. It’s worth the time it requires.

  4. I particularly like “There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

  5. The Matrix left me with a powerful experience, the first time I watched it. I love how deeply it resonated in the psyche of our culture. Even today, it is still used quite often as a metaphor and reference for seekers and those disillusioned by the Maya. I’d love for this Knowledge of what it means, and how to apply it to one’s life, to continue with the public audience…

  6. Perfect. Thank you. So looking forward to the California class this month!

  7. These are great and much appreciated comments. I thank all of you for your comments and would like to especially thank those who comment regularly. It enriches these blogs immensely and inspires me to write blogs more often. It is also something everyone can do that help the school out immensely and does not cost one penny to do.

  8. Oh.., I also wanted to thank Tanja for still another fantastic, beautiful, and artistically relevant pic!!

  9. Fun!

  10. Except pure consciousness, is all existence relative??

  11. Yes and (another movie line) “I can only show you the door Neo, you have to walk through it yourself”

  12. Above quote not exact, should have checked first, “I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”

  13. The Matrix is my favorite movie. I love how easily it illustrates maya.