The Nature of Abstraction, The Abstraction of Nature

abstractThe underlying basis of existence is a field of pure abstraction… a field of no-thing-ness… pure is-ness.  In its purest form, the Veda is infinitely abstract.  Every verse of the Veda is an abstraction… a portal to all that is… to the entire Veda.  To interpret or translate any verse is to reduce it down.

Similarly, the electron is not a charged point in space.  It is a probability cloud that reaches out to infinity.  To grab on to it is to reduce it to a point value, is to compromise it.

If you give a verse of the Veda to several scholars, each may interpret it quite differently.  This speaks to the beauty of the Veda.  Every verse is infinitely rich.  It also speaks to the elusiveness of the Veda, i.e. the elusiveness of the laws of nature, of Mother Nature.

The Veda contains all knowledge, but to understand it, and to apply it to a specific situation, is far more elusive than most realize.  There is nothing more subtle, nothing more delicate, nothing more abstract.

Everything is born out of no-thing… infinite silence… pure abstraction… the unified field.

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  1. How can there be any individualized awareness in infinite silence? Awareness to me seems to imply some thought, some feeling, some kind of “noise.” Can you describe the awareness a person has after death when they are enlightened and one with the unified field?

  2. Gwen,
    As the same drop water can form so many diverse flakes of snow… so too can the one birth the many.
    Consciousness= Isness… that is something more to ponder than to grasp.
    The possibilities after death are without limit… this is so, enlightened or not. Some enlightened rest into the infinite ocean of silence for however long as they do… like a deep blissful meditation, others go on to enlighten worlds, galaxies, universes…

  3. Reading this blog, I started to feel the beauty of it all. How could the underlying basis of all existence be anything but abstract, subtle, elusive, delicate…? It all fits together, no piece is missing or out of place- the perfection is perfect.

  4. The abstract is perfection.