The Power of Choosing the Right Mantra

Choosing the Right Mantra - Michael MamasI just posted a new article on my blog. It begins:

I was once asked the following:

“People say that Mantras are different names of God. Not being particularly religious, I’m uncomfortable with that. Is it true that Mantras are all different names of God? When we meditate on a Mantra, are we being indoctrinated into some religious approach without even being told?”…

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“The Power of Choosing the Right Mantra”

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  1. Does Mount Soma incorporate bhakti yoga and kirtan for mantra invocation?

  2. Gina, the Pandit(s) at Mount Soma are fully trained Vedic Pandits. They do the Mantra invocations in accord with the Vedic guidelines, incorporating Bhakti Yoga and Kirtan, as prescribed.