The Science and Technology of Consciousness

Science and Technology of Consciousness - Michael MamasIf you walk into a church, it feels a certain way.  If you walk into a library it feels different. Same with a bar, a concert hall, an elementary school, etc.  Statistics have scientifically shown that a group of people praying or meditating has a very positive effect on the environment.  These are examples of the science of consciousness.

Imagine a technology that maximizes the positive effect of these phenomenon of consciousness.  Think of the difference between static cling on clothing versus an electrical power plant—both involve electricity but the latter harnesses it as a technology.

The knowledge of the technology of consciousness exists. The fundamental principles are ancient, but the technology has yet to become fully available to us. Mount Soma exists to construct the tools of the technology of consciousness and bring this precious knowledge forth on a Global level.

The potential is enormous!

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  1. Amazing. When I drive into mount Soma, I begin to rest at a deep level. As you build Mount Soma will this feeling begin to radiate out further and further? I don’t understand the mechanics, but I can sure feel it. When I get on a plane to leave Mount Soma old aches and pains return. I hope I don’t sound crazy, but it is my experience.

  2. I really like the example of the power plant and static electricity.
    We recently visited Mount Soma with some friends who were not intellectually oriented to Mount Soma’s approach to consciousness. They felt the difference there.

  3. This Michael Mamas blog is so inspiring! “The knowledge of the technology of consciousness exists. The fundamental principles are ancient, but the technology has yet to become fully available to us.” How exciting is that?!

  4. I feel the healing and support every time I visit Mount Soma; and the power of the place continues to grow. As Tracy describes, I feel that support to “rest at a deep level”. Though I have so much to understand about the Vedic technology, I can feel it on a deep level. Even when I’m not there, I feel the support of what is happening there. To say Mount Soma has an incredibly positive impact on those who live there, those who visit, and I dare to say on the entire world is an understatement.

  5. To visit Mount Soma is to look into the future, to a time when world consciousness, when the akasha, is cleared. Once a lady on an afternoon drive stumbled upon Mount Soma. She had to stop some people on a walk to ask what this place was and why it felt so amazing. Then she drove home to get her husband so he could feel it too. Often when workmen come, they also comment on how wonderful it feels here.
    The temple Kalash repairs are complete now. Over the next three days the pandits will do ceremonies and temple activities will then resume. I very much look forward to sitting with all the pandits and getting immersed in their chants.

  6. I love this blog. It is so inspirational and yet grounded and informative. I can’t help but think there are so many people out there that would be thrilled to know what is happening at Mount Soma. The technology being employed there can most certainly benefit the world.

  7. Yes, it is great to be at Mount Soma during these transformation times. It is also great to have the Temple up and running again. You can really feel the difference.

    I have noticed that many temple visitors also feel that something is different here. One man, who is a founding member of a temple in the northeast, was shocked that “Sri Somesvara had more shakti.” He could not understand why, but he could feel it. The overnight guests seem to consistently feel it.

  8. “To visit Mount Soma is to look into the future…” It is amazing to be part of Mount Soma. Since the rest of the world is following us, it is up to us to provide good direction. Wonderful.

  9. What a game-changer to realize this is truly possible. It can be hard to fathom, in this world. But the more I understand and believe this, the clearer my sense of peace and purpose… I love what you said in class, Dr. Mamas, “If you really understand it, you believe it. And if you believe it, nothing can stop you from doing it.”

  10. Since I was a young girl I’ve had this feeling of being in a place, in the mountains, where the air was sweet and pure, the feeling of love permeated every molecule, and the peace was so palpable it would fill my heart to the brim. I knew that was what I was seeking. Now that my life has slowed down, I realized, a few months ago, that Mount Soma was that place. But, I never dreamed it would coincide with my other dream of obtaining God-Consciousness. Thank you for your commitment to enlightening the world through teaching the Vedic knowledge. I’ll do my best to assist in this goal.

  11. This is such an exciting time to be living at Mount Soma, to watch and be a part of the science and technology of Consciousness as it develops and enlivens the Space, the built structures, the people and to know that we have the knowledge of how to bring it to the whole world!