The Science of Omens is the Science of Karma

The Science of Omens - Michael MamasEverything in this world has an influence and deeper meaning, a karmic significance, on all other levels of relative existence.

Everything is interconnected in ways that can seem unfathomable to the ‘rational’ mind. Those interconnections transcend time and space.

The science of omens is the technology that reads those interconnections. Omens track the karmic flows as one level of existence influences another back and forth through space and time.





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  1. Woah. I feel something in my chest shifting at your words. Thank you.

  2. This is the first time I have heard of “the science of omens”. It sounds interesting. Is this something you are going to talk about at the November class in SF, which I just happen to be attending.

  3. I have heard some great stories about omens.
    I appreciate your explanation.

  4. Clearly I have some IPGACO around the word Omen. The word still invites spooky spirituality and divining that I had to mull over. I never associated the word with science or quantum mechanical technology before.