The Story of Lila

SarasvatiI’ve been asked to comment on the meaning behind on the story of Lila in the Yoga Vasistha. My favorite book on the Yoga Vasistha is called The Concise Yoga Vasistha by Swami Venkatesananda. You can access the ebook version of the Concise Yoga Vasistha here.

Now to the explanation: Imagine a deck of cards sitting upon a table, each card neatly stacked, one on top of another. Though there is a sequence to the order of the cards (top card, one below it, another below that, etc.), they are all superimposed on each other. This can be compared to the sequentiality of the Veda itself. Modern physicists tell us that within the unified field (the Transcendent, i.e., pure Consciousness), there is no time, nor is there space. Space and time are an attribute of relative existence. ‘Before’ the manifestation of existence, there was no space and no time. Within the Transcendent, sequentiality and simultaneity are one and the same. Also, the notion of separation inherent in space collapses down to the unification of all that is.

The universe manifesting can be compared to spreading a deck of cards out across the table, across the face of space and time. Now imagine that each card represents a lifetime with its own place in space (location in the universe) as well as its own place in the sequentiality of time.

In the story of Lila, Sarasvati freed Lila from the bondage of one lifetime, as well as the notion that lifetimes take place through the sequentiality of time. Within the Absolute (the Transcendent, the Veda), all lifetimes, and in fact all that is, exist simultaneously within Consciousness. Consciousness is the Transcendent. Everything exists within that one Consciousness. Consciousness equals ‘Is-ness.’

Divine Intellect (Sarasvati) can be compared to the structure and order of a piano keyboard. Lila (Divine Play) dances upon that keyboard. This is why Sarasvati holds a Veena (musical instrument) in her hands. It is appropriate then that Sarasvati (Divine Intellect) taught this nature and structure of existence to Lila (Divine Play), thusly revealing Lila’s own true nature to her.

Sarasvati, by giving Lila the experience of simultaneity of all events, frees Lila from bondage to the limitation of awareness. She thusly frees her and enlightens her.

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  1. Ooh! Mind bending and very interesting! Thank you.

  2. So interesting! I love the card deck analogy!

  3. Oh, fascinating and fun.

  4. Thanks for replying to my question with such a wonderful example. To live up to the transcendent and simultaneously act (perform vyavhara) in the time space domain is challenging and once performed and imbibed over and over again, would give me energy and ability to absorb your answer in the true sense.

    I seek your guidance and blessing for a positive forward march ahead.


  5. Madhavi,
    The first and most important step is to learn the Surya Ram meditation. After practicing for a month or two, then please learn the Surya Ram Mantra Meditation. I hope to meet you face to face some day.

  6. Wonderful story..even better explanation! Thank you…my brain does hurt a little though?

  7. Today’s quote on Swami Venkatesananda’s website: When you follow the Guru who is the Light of Truth, make sure that you have kindled the Light of Truth in yourself, that you are also the Light. Otherwise you will walk in the darkness of the shadow that the human personality of the Guru casts behind Him.
    Hence as per your advice I would sincerely follow what you have prescibed for me. Please also let me know if you would visit India in this year. It would be an extreme honor to take your darshan.


  8. Respected Sir,

    Physicists theorize that at the point of singularity, space & time collapse without any difference. Hence, I interpret your answer of simultaneity of events at the point of singularity. But after that singularity is broken, the universe got created & sequential events started occurring separated by space & time. I think everything exists because of Consciousness. But is the consciousness collective? Are there contribution from all living & non-living things to this consciousness?

    And most importantly, how to connect with my own consciousness so that I can feel the unified field?

    Please enlighten me in this aspect and if I have misinterpreted any thing do forgive my ignorance & guide me.

  9. Madhavi,
    It is a beautiful quote. Thank you. I do hope to be in India in the next year. However it is not certain. Where in India are u located?

  10. Biswamohan,
    There is only one Consciousness. Yet every individual experiences it uniquely and as there own. Please see my comment to Madhavi above and do the same meditation I recommend to him. All living and non-living things share that one consciousness. Your consciousness is that consciousness. It is simply a matter of how awake to it the individual is. Impressions upon the Chitta distort ones relationship with that One Consciousness. We are all One.

  11. Dr. Mamas,

    Please do make a plan to visit India. I am also very much interested to meet you in person & touch your feet. I am on cloud 9 that you have replied to my long standing query. It is just like God has listened to my prayer. I will definitely start practicing the meditation as suggested by you.

    1 more question I am having since my childhood is who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? How to explore all these questions?

    I have asked the question to several gurus, but still searching for the answer. Whenever I sit down quietly these questions come to me immediately & confuse me what should I be doing to answer myself. I want to talk to my subconscious mind.

    Please guide me how to do this…

  12. Dear Biswamohan,
    I wrote a book called The Dharma Sutras about the very questions you ask. You can order the book here. Also, there are many articles on my websites that would help. I will ask my office to assist you.