The Structure of the Veda

sunriseThis past weekend in the Asheville class, we spent two days on the structure of the Veda.  It is a topic we have been looking forward to covering for years.  It finally felt like the time was right. We have the ashram people and Mount Soma residents to thank for creating that space… in the profound Sthapatya Vedic sense of the word “space”.  Of course, there is no end to the topic of the Structure of the Veda and we will do much more with it, but it was an excellent overview (big picture) where we went into how the primary branches fit together and the essence of what they are – explaining the Mantras, Brahmanas, Shruti, Vedangas, Itihasas, etc.  It provided a solid foundation of understanding that we will continue to build upon.

I do want to say one more thing about Smritis for those who were in attendance:

The reason there is a gap at all is because one’s perspective (world view colored by your samskaras, distortions, conditioning) is not consistent with the perspective from the Transcendent, your Divine Self.

So, when you first awaken to the Transcendent, those two perspectives don’t line up.  There is a gap between them.  But then in time, the distortions (samskaras) of your earlier world-view melt away and give way to understanding from the perspective of your True Self, the Transcendent.

As that happens, over time, the gap also melts away.  You no longer have some memory of the Divine.  Instead you are fully awake to it and live your life in accord with it… Sarvadharma.

As full and rich as the weekend was, there is of course so much more that I want to share on the Structure of the Veda.  It will happen in time.  The weekend was historic.  It is my great joy to bring this Knowledge out in a manner that brings it to life in our time.  As I say, the Knowledge is eternal, but the way it is communicated must change eternally to be understood by the people of the times.  Otherwise, the Knowledge slips through the fingers of the generations and is, in that way, lost.

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  1. It was a great privilege to be in the class. Really deeply profound knowledge and incredible to be introduced to in this way. Thank you to the Ashram for your dedication and to Brahmarshi for his patience and dedication.

  2. The class sounds awesome. I also want to thank the Ashram folks and all who participated and of course Brahmarshi. I look forward to when I will be there again.

  3. Although I am sad and frustrated that I miss so much that happens at Mount Soma..I feel blessed to be as close as I am. While I read this blog, something inside felt alive and though I know it is not as powerful as being there..I am simply overjoyed that I am only miles away not lifetimes away from this knowledge. I will not be wasting this opportunity so I keep moving forward..always forward.
    Thank you Brahmarshi
    Thank You indeed

  4. I also feel sad and frustrated that I am missing so much of what happens at Mount Soma, but, like Michael Brandon, reading this blog also caused me to feel a sort of bubbling aliveness…a level of joy…as if something I know to be true was touched. Subtle…but also profound.

    Thank you, Brahmarshi.

  5. Class was ‘fantastical’! (fantastic/magical) 🙂

  6. ah…. Thanks for adding this explanation of the Smritis… I find this aspect quite compelling and that is such a beautiful explanation!

    Class WAS amazing. I hope anyone who missed it can find a way to sign up now for next year…

    Hearing the structure of the Veda as you presented it adds a whole new light to your teachings. I can see now how you have been teaching us these things all along… Now we begin to see the framework that holds it all together and shows how one piece relates to the next. It is fascinating. You used analogies in class to help us understand this structure, but in time, I imagine that the Veda itself will eventually become our reference point for understanding all else… As all life comes from this root structure.

    Wow. I never imagined I’d be able to embark on a study of the very fabric of existence… Though I have always longed to understand the mystery of life. The opportunity before us now… comes maybe once in many lifetimes!

    Thank you, Guruji.

  7. Exquisitry… 

    Thinking about the primal desire to create, wondering if what the artist seeks through form, composition, structure, is really the interaction with the elusive Gap.  Are we moved by the arrangements, the verse, the brush strokes or more by what they do not quite fully express…what lies in the Gap. 

  8. We have been receiving a number of requests to offer another class on the structure of the Veda. I am considering offering a one day class on the subject in SF perhaps in December. We will see.

  9. Truly beautiful knowledge. Please come to San Francisco !

  10. Wow! Another milestone and another angle to help us evolve. I am looking forward to learning more. Also, thanks to Joy Anna for your illuminating comment.

  11. It was an intense and very gratifying class as many pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Your explanations, Maharshiji, transformed the Veda into a more living and breathing knowledge, as it unfolds before my eyes. Thank you for sharing, with us, the structure of pure knowledge and the many levels it contains. Jai Shiva Shankara

  12. Feeling a little like I’ve been stuck on one side of the Gap for so long now. It is all in the experience and being so far from Mount Soma as times change and the teaching moves forward leaves a feeling of falling behind. Karma is so hard to understand in the context of our own life.

  13. An amazing class and amazing grace brought forth by an amazing guru!

    I saw the framework of my cottage went up today. Suddenly I realized that the structure of the Veda is like the framework of a house. Understanding the framework makes it easier to connect the dots. It’s a very dry and difficult topic to teach. Amazingly Maharshiji came back the 2nd day with easier-to-understand modern language that put me in awe. Thank you so much Guruji. I am so looking forward to the next class!

  14. Adding what I hope is a funny story about class this weekend. Not any disservice to the Knowledge or you Brahmarshi, because it was epic, esp. that second day.

    Marlene asked me on Sunday how Saturday’s class went. My reply was…I was not sure.

    I felt like Saturday in the first ten minutes I lost myself and the ability to cognitively follow and understand. The more I tried to focus, the more my brain felt like a cement block. The words started to hurt my head. I saw words on the pages, and they were pretty small for me, I couldn’t see the display board, and when I heard the words, I could not resonate as I seem to with a mantra, where I feel so flowing and peaceful, and alive and exploding at the same time.

    That is not the funny part, it was sort of tragic and frustrating for me. I really felt dumb. Not judging me, just how it happened for me.

    The funny part was my further answer to Marlene was

    I felt myself check out that first day, _but I knew I could buy the recording_, so I could listen over and over and over with my paper and maybe be in a space to absorb and feel into this better? So I just relaxed as best I could as my cement brain was pounded some more. I might have gone into a sort of oblivion too, and really tried to keep following. Didn’t jump out of my body.

    Well, haha, there are no recordings..nooooooooo!

    I don’t know what happened that first class, and the second day was so much better for me. I even took notes, thank goodness.

    It was very powerful, and I am grateful I was there. For me, I felt the very structure of the Veda was being transferred to me. I don’t think I was fighting it, but the trying to understand right then and there in the moment was not a wise decision. I think it is one of those things where I allow this to settle and be easy with it.

    Brahmarshi said it was not about the words or even memorizing the terms. I understand that now. This is a lifelong process. This is the opening of the lotus.

    Jai Guru Dev


  15. This was an amazing class, especially the second day! The analogy you used on Day Two made a complete difference on how I was able to assimilate the Knowledge. It felt what I was struggling to grasp on the first day smoothly and effortlessly went right in (or better was enlivened within me) on the second day. It all of a sudden resonated from within as opposed to being an intellectual exercise. What a difference! To me it underscores again how delicate the art of teaching is when dealing with another’s evolution.

    I truly felt blessed to have been there for class…and I almost missed it. My return flight was originally scheduled for Wed when I decided to stay on for another week. Interestingly, my moon is in Taurus in the house of guru and exactly that week-end moon was transiting Taurus. Coincidence or mapping…? It felt like something was definitely in alignment that week-end…

    Thank you, Maharishi, for your unbelievable commitment to this Knowledge!

  16. This last comment from “Anonymous” was from me. Forgot to type my name in. 🙂

  17. I feel like I missed a steps in the ladder evolution by not being at the class. Have also been feeling an emptiness, knowing I missed something huge.

    Hoping for a SF class.

    Even though I wasn’t there, thank you Brahmarshi.