The Voice of God


With my cultural upbringing, the idea of speaking with God seemed too far-fetched for me to accept.  That, compounded with the New Age channels and ‘psychics’, left me with a great deal of skepticism.

Yet when I was told by Holy men on several different occasions that I spoke the language of the Gods, I knew what they were talking about.  I was confronted by all of this directly when Pandit Prasad told me I should go to the temple every morning and speak with Shiva.  Though many astounding confirmations of what He said came forth, I was still uncomfortable talking about it.

This morning when I was doing my mantras at the temple, I could feel Lord Shiva calling me to sit.  By now, I know that feeling and knew He has something to say.  I sat and he proceeded to clarify the issue as follows.

Super ego is a term from psychology that refers to the inner voices of authority you hear inside your head.  It is your mother, father, teacher, role model, etc. speaking. It is the words of those you have taken on as an authority figure.  It is riddled with your and their samskaras… their limited thinking… their conditioning… their distortions. Now that is not to say that you should not listen to the wisdom and guidance they offer, but that is another topic.

The point here is that if you remove the samskaras as per Vasistha’s discourses in the Yoga Vasistha, then what the super ego becomes is the word of God.  It is only our stresses and strains, i.e. our conditioned and limited thinking that prevents us from hearing God’s words clearly.

The Gods do not speak in our worldly language.  They speak directly to your soul as sublime inner knowings within your soul.  When your inner knowings cease to be colored by the surface of your life, and instead become expressions of the Divinity within, you understand the language of the Gods, and they will speak to you. This is on Their terms, not the terms of your small self.

To hear the Gods speak, to know the language of the Gods, the small self must cease to be.  It must become only a virtual image projected upon the field of maya, there only in order to interface with the world of maya.

When your super ego becomes your Super Ego, you can speak to the Gods.

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  1. Jai Śiva Śaṅkara

  2. sat nam!
    joyfully your blogs are sharing your heartsong ,, shinning light in the moments of time . i am grateful

  3. Thank you Maharshi the power in your words brought me to my knees. I cried a lot when reading this blog entry.

    I am most of all touched by how you share with us your Divinity. I know it is very personal to you but it means the world to me that you open yourself up and allow me/us to glimpse and understand your direct experience. I think this is the most beautiful touching post ever. The sun shined for me…

    I remember waaaaaaay back in the early Surya days when we were doing Divinity and shadow self mirror sort of exercises. For the life of me I could never ever either allow my Divinity or allow any other person to see/know/feel it (including myself). If I felt that stirring during class I had to always sit in the back by the door so no one could see how this effected me. I had to leave (run!) from the room so many times. I never had an issue seeing the Divinity in any other student at that time, shadow self was a piece of cake, but when the shoe was on the other foot it was the most shameful, painful, viscerally ill making experience I felt. Such horrible shame like a major wardrobe malfunction at the SuperBowl halftime show with millions watching then news coverage all over the world! agh!

    At times I felt that I could possibly spotaneously combust if I allowed Divinity to flow through. Maybe that was my fear? I don’t know how someone holds all that. In fact if and when I allow Divinity to flow, I find myself in overwhem frozen like an absolute statue. I could barely walk for as long as I was there during Consecration. I am not a fan of total loss of control. The concept of surrender is scarey to me. So is trust.

    When I began to go to the Temple and sit with the Gods it was so profound. While the Gods were outside the temple in their water baths I was so excited that the Beloveds were going to find peace and strength in their new home. I loved saying good night to them every night while I was there last time. When I saw their eyes… when I would look up at night from the retreat center to the Temple….

    I am still at a very awkward stage in the processing of my Divinity. When I talk to my therapist I can talk about the the most shaming things I did through my marrriage, the most painful things I experienced through my childhood, and the most devasting things that are hitting me right now, including my anger, my fears, my sense of overwhelm, and how horrible it feels for me to actually hate another human being (that being the worst of all the issues). But I still cannot share or talk about or understand on a deep level….. Divinity. I guess I just did, from the grace of my Guru.

    I am so so grateful for your personal sharing. Thank you so very much. It boggles my mind how the Universe plopped me into your presence. Or did you find me? I actually have to laugh now at my grumblings of how wahwahwah I am hurting, I am losing everything, I am so wronged….what the heck am I thinking?

    I was granted the best karma of a very select few to be in your direct presence and see you and hear you in this lifetime. I have been given everything. Absolutely everything and you never ask or demand a thing. You sit patiently and allow us to bloom.

    If I have angered you I apologize with heart full of love. My favorite Ananadamayi Ma quote is when she talks about being like a child. It is now all I feel, I stumble I get up, I feel lost, I feel love. I seek the guidance of the Father. I sometimes feel sheer joy of play and Lila during King of the Mountain game. I fly to the top with ease and aha I am Queen! I then fall off the mountain and I am lying injured somewhere alone in the dark and sobbing hurt in the brambles. I am the lost hurt sobbing child, I am the Queen of the Mountain.

    Jai Guru Dev,


  4. Thank you Maharshi for sharing, your openness is a tremendous evolutionary “in” for all of us.

    This blog reminds me of the ancient rishis cognizing veda. So free of samskaras that veda welled up within them and flowed out their mouth. In today’s world, it almost seems like Shiva is welling up through Maharshi. Instead of Sanskrit, we are so lucky to receive English.

    Like Donna said, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to Maharshi. It brings me to my knees.

  5. Thank you Maharshi. Your words touch my soul.

  6. Sharing your experience that identifies our experience means more than words can express. Thank you.

  7. It is most profound to be in the presence of such a being as Maharshi Maheshananda.
    Not only does he give us himself, but he gives us ourselves.
    It is the ultimate privilege to be given this opportunity…

    Words cannot express how lucky we are.

    I hope you can all come to Mount Soma and live in this incredible place.
    It is being created out of Love from the heart of our Beloved Teacher for us, for the world.

    No matter what your fears or reasons for not being here… Laying them down gives you everything, this life is what you long for… it brings deep fulfillment that can only come from the depth.

    Maharshi and our family need your help to make this dream a reality… We need financing and people to join our team, here on the ground at Mt Soma.

    You are a part of this family, it is a beautiful huge dream, and will give all of us a life beyond dreams.
    It is a most incredible life, one worth dedicating yourself and all of your resources to.

    Jai Guru Dev

  8. What a beautiful post. And how comfortably it sits in my western trained soul. Thank you for your humility, your drive to spread coherence regardless of monetary gain, that beautiful meditation hall you have built and cultured, and for a life changing visit to Mt. Soma.

  9. It is beautiful for me to read your thoughts, insights, guidance…, Maharishi, and it is beautiful to read the comments. Thank you to Donna L. too for sharing the exquisiteness of your nature! The beauty of exsistence is truly amazing.

  10. This is my first post. I have just started reading the blog on a regular basis.

    I feel the impact of Maharshi’s words resonating in my heart, or at least somewhere within. I find myself responding in a manner similar to how I felt hearing Maharshi speak during lectures or in Surya classes. What has been said is so helpful and powerful on so many levels. The message reawakens, reminds and reassures. For me it is a message of encouragement, in that it speaks gently to the necessity of trust, one of my greatest challenges. I am grateful to be reminded of how sublime the message is, spoken in the language of the soul. Maharshi’s message is so clear and comprehensive, giving us so much to ponder. Thank you Maharshi.

  11. simply beautiful