There is an Ocean

Thoughts go on and on. The emotions churn relentlessly. Life can feel like a seething torrent of thoughts and emotions without end. Highs, lows, confusion, clarity, all leading to exhaustion. Yet there is a silent ocean that lies deep within you, beyond thoughts, beyond emotions, a field of peace referred to by the ancient sages as “the Self,” your Self, your inner being.

There is one universal Consciousness that we each tap into as our own individual awareness. Who and what you are is far beyond thoughts and emotions, incomprehensible, vast and unbounded. There is only one Consciousness, one field, one ocean. Yet every individual taps into it in the form of their own individual awareness. That ocean dwells at the depth of all things, all beings, all creatures, just like the silent depth of the ocean dwells as the source of every wave that churns upon its surface. Your consciousness is one with that Consciousness. Your being is one with that Being. You are that. All of this is nothing but that. You have only to find it within the depth of your being, within your soul.

It cannot be touched. It cannot be grasped. But like the sun, the rays of its influence emerging from the very source of all existence can be felt, radiating through your body. Those rays are called the soul. You can feel your soul. Follow your soul to the depth of the ocean. There is an ocean.

There is an Ocean | Michael Mamas

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  1. This blog is so beautiful. It acknowledges the common human pain and yet sheds the light to point to real and powerful yet gentle solutions. It gives hope. Thank you.

  2. Awesome – the Knowledge of life and existence in a nutshell!

  3. You can feel your soul. Follow it to the depths of the ocean. There is an ocean.

  4. Ah. this is so beautiful….. Seamless

  5. I agree with Gail. This blog is so beautiful. It points strongly in the direction of the Self in a feeling way. I wonder if this could be turned into an article.

  6. Beautiful…

  7. Beautiful blog. “The silent ocean beyond thoughts and emotions” can be hard to fathom in this world of doing, with its demand for black and white vision. Your description of the ocean of being, our inner Self, our connectedness, the radiating rays of our soul so beautifully defines the feeling of it. I can feel the infinite support, strength, love and hope that permeates everything – the Transcendent/God.

  8. So beautiful and comforting…

  9. Thanks Bonnie for a wonderful comment on a wonderful blog. Both are so soothing.

  10. Really Beautiful…. Thank you!

  11. I love this blog, beautiful!

  12. Excellent blog only made better by the Exquisite photograph.

  13. Thank you for this beautiful blog!
    It sparks my longing to really know and experience this depth of the ocean in deeper and more profound ways!…. And to be able to live from that place of being more and more.

  14. The way you write causes me to feel what you are saying within myself. It’s calming and peaceful.

  15. Sublime and exquisite. Takes one to the depth of Being

  16. Sort of like a nice warm hug to start my day.
    Thank you !!

  17. I agree with Adrienne. Reading this blog results in a feeling of calmness. Lovely.

  18. Beautiful! I long for the depth of the Ocean. I long to find my way home…

  19. I love it. Thanks

  20. The same lines that struck Susan struck me.

  21. Beautiful, and so serene.