To Know the Unknowable

flowerHere is another quote from the movie, ‘The Matrix.’

“Unfortunately no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”

The Transcendental Level can not be conveyed. Even those who read all about it and even dedicate their lives to it do not know it, lest they have seen it for themselves.

I do wonder if the parallels between Vedanta and the movie were intentional or not. If not, I feel they certainly were inspired by the deep inner sense of that which dwells deep within every individual… the Self. We all sense it. We all know about it. But few see it for themselves.

To ‘know thy Self’ is to know all that is. I likewise wonder about the Ancient Greek Aphorism: “Know Thyself.” Who among them knew, as said in the Matrix, ‘how deep the rabbit hole goes’?

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  1. This is great, and the photo too!

  2. Worth pondering…
    Words can be understood, and misunderstood at so many different levels
    Thank you

  3. “Know thyself”…it sounds so simple… who knew it’d take lifetimes:)

  4. Fun to contemplate.

  5. I always found it interesting that the matrix became the mind numbing opiate controller of the masses, but the only way Neo could save the world was _through_ that very matrix, so much so he had to endure becoming part of it. He couldn’t invent some alternate reality to “conquer” it or “teach”. He had to learn to be adept by their constraints, yet he became unstoppable. It just always fascinated me. I think modern warfare shows the same, still. To know thy enemy. Sorry if I push buttons here, but we certainly did not know or respect the enemy in Vietnam, for example. Paradoxically, some form of respect goes long with “success”. I just LOVE that first Matrix movie!

  6. I love that blog! Feels very liberating.

  7. Another way of saying it is 99% of spiritual teachers should really be students before they attempt to set others on the same path they are on…

  8. Thank you!

  9. I also loved the Matrix movie! It is interesting that it touched into some part of that deep inner knowing in people.