True Spirituality

Proper Meditation - Dr. Michael MamasGetting emotional about spirituality is fine, but must not be confused with true spirituality. Similarly, you can get emotional about gold, but it is no substitute for real gold. Proper meditation is the most powerful tool to attain true spirituality.






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  1. Thank you for these wonderful Blogs Dr. Mamas! Also, a reminder to everyone that if we comment on these blogs we can significantly help to promote this new website.

  2. It is sad that the one field which is most elusive and needs the most clarity is the one where anything goes. Everyone’s opinion is equal- even the most far out notion of spirituality is defended as legitimate by its practitioners. Thanks goodness for Dr. Michael Mamas as he peels back spirituality with rationality, allowing the thinking person to separate real from emotional.

  3. Wow, I am really enjoying this website. So much fascinating information. I am in awe that this is all inside of you Dr. Mamas. It is just incredible.

  4. The Surya Meditation is an easy and effortless meditation to learn, that is available for free in the link Dr Mamas talks above. Meditation is the balm that can sooth and heal the soul, and could greatly benefit the world if more people practiced and experienced it daily.

    If you’ve not tried it, please do so here. Mount Soma also offers classes and retreats, in the beautiful mountains west of Asheville, NC. The website is:

  5. Marty, I can feel your heart in your comment.

    It’s interesting to me that I didn’t start out wanting to be spiritual. However, after practicing this meditation over time, it is almost like waking up one day and realizing I have become more spiritual. Amazing!

  6. Since the birth of our daughter, our lifestyle has changed. We still meditate, of course but it feels like our spirituality has taken a backseat to daily responsibilities. My husband has been especially busy at home and work. Interestingly, a Vedic astrologer just read his chart and said that he has been in a spiritual sub-dasha (Ketu “the monk”). I was a bit surprised. I guess true spirituality doesn’t look a certain way, as I think this blog implies.

  7. Amazing!

  8. I have found that meditating gives me clarity, and a sense of grounded peacefulness as I go through my day. Thank you for sharing this uniquely powerful meditation for free.