Mount Soma Featured on TV Asia

Special thanks to Gowri Goli and associates at TV Asia, for their upcoming feature of Mount Soma on TV Asia!

During his recent visit to Mount Soma, Mr. Goli interviewed Dr. Michael Mamas about his vision of developing Mount Soma as an Enlightened City.

This Saturday, TV Asia will broadcast a brief segment about Mount Soma, entitled “Mount Kailash of the West”.

Saturday, January 2
10:30 PM (EST) and again 10:30 PM (PST)
TV Asia Community Roundup Program

TV Asia

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  1. Great!

  2. Wow! Any way I can see it? I don’t have a TV.

  3. Nice way to start the New Year. May this set a trend for 2016!

  4. Awesome!

  5. Excellent! I look forward to seeing it.

  6. This could be a new start for really letting many more people know about Mount Soma and the amazing knowledge it offers

  7. It was a great interview that Dr. Mamas did with Mr. Goli. I hope it is aired again and that many, many people get to watch it

  8. Amazing. Congratulations!

  9. Good to know this info is getting around…

  10. Thank you Gowri for making the trip and doing a brilliant interview of Michael Mamas. Perhaps there is a way for the rest of the interview to be aired.

  11. I agree with Barbara – it was an awesome interview. Great questions!