Two Motivations

lotusWhy do you meditate, go to the temple, and do acts of service?  It is commonly done for spiritual growth, eradication of bad karma, or other forms of personal gain such as health, wealth, happiness, etc.  That is understandable and a good thing. Some may even wonder why else anyone would possibly do such a thing.

However, that is not why I created Mount Soma.  It is not why I meditate or go to the temple.  It is not my motivation.  To know your motivations is not as easy as you may think.  You must look deeply into your heart to know your motivations.  It is also natural to project your motivations onto others…  to think what motivates you is what motivates them.  Such projection is so instinctual, so spontaneous, so automatic, as to go unnoticed.  Your projections are not something you usually think about, question, or are even aware of.  They are so fundamental to how you function that they cannot be identified without a great deal of disarming introspection and self-honesty.

Beyond personal gain lies the motivation involving kindness, compassion, love, service to the world, to humanity, and to the universe.  I am speaking here of a level that transcends even the good feelings you may experience through acts of kindness, etc. It is not about what you get in exchange for your actions.  This is what nonattachment to the fruit of your actions is all about.  Your actions come from being overtaken by the Divine flow underlying all of life.  The flow then occurs through your persona, but transcends the persona. The motivation does not involve the persona.  In that sense, you cease to exist.  Only the Divine exists.  The Divine overtakes the small persona.  You realize that you are not the persona.  You are one with God… the Divine Flow.  The term used to encompass that level is called Krishna.  Imagine using that term unencumbered by any current notions you may have regarding its meaning. This meaning and the word “Krishna” are inextricable from one another. They are inherently one, each defining the other, complete with the personified correlate. To really live life in that way is not an attitude or philosophy.  It is a level of consciousness.  However, it is of great value to reflect on this.  Doing so will help clear the way for your future growth.

So the next time you meditate, go to the temple, or perform some form of service, take a moment to reflect upon your motivation… not as a self-judgement tool but as a means of inspiration and aspiration.   Divine motivation is not an attitude, philosophy, or belief system… though religions of attitude, philosophy, and beliefs are built around it.  Such things are qualities of the persona.  Divine motivation lies beyond the persona.

What you long for lies beyond the persona.  It is called liberation.  It is called emancipation.  It is called evolution.  It is called enlightenment.

It is a state of physiology.

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  1. I am new to your blog and find your thoughts to be fascinating. So what are some “tools” that one would use in order to get beyond the persona? I believe that in an earlier post you said that right meditation is one “tool.” What else would you suggest? With best regards, Lynn

  2. Another quick question: It seems that you are saying that once one gets beyond persona, one becomes a conduit for Spirit. One becomes a conduit by which God acts in the world. Is this correct?

  3. There are brief moments when I feel my small self step aside, allowing my Self to come forward in compassionate service to others. Yet I wonder, is this really my larger Self, or just some trick of the mind. How do I discern the difference?

  4. Hi Lynn,
    Proper meditation, the Surya meditation as taught for free on this website, is definitely your best tool. After a few months of regular practice, you may want to then learn the Surya Ram meditation which is free but also has a shipping fee of $5.

    The reflection and discernment that is prompted in these blogs is important. Also, it would be very good if you could attend classes or even just visit Mount Soma when I give a free lecture [also free lectures are given in San Francisco Bay area]. There are also books, etc. available through this website.

    Finally, spending time in my classes is a huge boost, particularly if you ask questions when something is not clear or does not make sense or seem correct to you. The knowledge of life is as subtle as life itself. As I am fond of saying, when the Master speaks, it immediately ceases to be what the Master said and becomes what the listener heard. Through our interactions, you are assisted in moving past those limitations. What is required from your side is humility and commitment to learning… true learning. Not just the assimilation of facts, but the transformation of being. Not new thoughts, but a new way of thinking. To move beyond programmed behavior and awaken more and more fully to the Divinity that dwells within you…. your true nature. Another way of saying it is, yes, a conduit for Mother Nature, which is one with your true nature, which is God. The Kingdom of Heaven dwells within.

  5. Nancy,
    Everything exists transgradiently, i.e. on all level of existence. Compassion is no exception. You can feel when you are coming from a deeper level. So in other words you can tell when you are coming from a deeper level of self, i.e. a larger self. Of course, your preconceived notions of what that does or should look like will cloud your view.

    Even after enlightenment, you are still functioning in the world of the unfathomable just a Lord Krishna pointed out to Arjuna. Yet then, there is a silent backdrop to all that is… infinite, timeless, unbounded, yet silent… without opinion or commentary… a cosmic cushion with no edge to which you can cling. Truth is not concrete… it is vast and open ended. Discernment ultimately leads to ‘no-thing-ness.’ You never really ‘know’ anything. Even the notion of ‘thing’ drops away.

  6. Awesome!

  7. Brahmarishi, it is absolutely amazing how this blog radiates such a palpable energy. Reading this today touched my soul and prompted a day long contemplation. Taking an honest look at our motivations, particularly pertaining to devotion and spiritual practices is so difficult. Questions give rise to deeper questions. So humbling. How thick is the vail through which I view my existence? Life seems so full of samskaras mistaken for divine motivation. I feel like you have given me homework for the next 50 years, but what what could be more important? Or feel better than awakening more fully to the Krishna Consciousness within?

  8. Beautiful process

  9. (some people said I wrote a lot… so I am going to do a shorty and a longy)

    short comment: This really helps me to understand the deeper level of Krishna, who I was always inexplicably drawn to. Thank you for helping me to consider an even deeper meaning. Jaia Guru Dev.

    longer comment: When I was wgrowing up RC as a kid in Brooklyn I was a Beatles fan, b/c my brother listened to them. My first exposure was from the Beatles singing about Krishna in a song with Jesus mentioned, so I figured He must be a very awesome God. I would really get into singing His name, but I had no frame of reference for who it was. I figured f the Beatles endorsed Him, he was a pretty special person.

    Because I was in NYC, I would see Hare Krishnas around a lot on street corners. My Mom would literally drag me away from them, and say: “those people are crazy, stay way fom them!” Still I always wanted to take a book, or buy some incense or get a flower or even ask them…what is this? I remember when I was older, even sitting in a diner and looking out the window and seeing a Hare Krishna with a big rolling suitcase full of materials and I wanted to leave my food and chase after him down the street. I don’t leave me food for noone. In the back of my mind, there was a fascination with Krishna.

    When we lived in Greece, we got to go to India and I started buying souvenirs….it was the strangest thing. I did not know anything still, I now remember I got a teak box with Krishna painted on it, a huge ceramic umbrella stand with Krishna on it, and then a smaill painting. It wasn’t a conscious thing, it happened that way.

    WHen I came to Surya, I still did not know much about Him, but still He seemed very important. I remember how I heard Guru say “pushpa” (flower) and how that sat to still and encompassing in me. I think the utterance of Krishna has a very deep effect for me, it is pushpa squared, it is a deep peace with a crystal clarity. Even seeing it written in Sanskit effected me.

    I never liked the feeling or the label of being a do gooder. I sometimes worry because I

  10. longer comment continued:

    have been labelled a “co dependent” I think I would run myself into the ground to help others. I am striving for balance in that area. I don’t really think of it as any kind of a blessing…or a goodness inside me. Suffering can bury me with a sense of helpless and hopelessness, frustration, at times anger. I do the things I do because I dont feel an option. I then wonder about my pull and my constant longing to be on Mount Soma. I remember the line in the Razor’s Edge: “It is easy to be a holy man on a mountain”. (I know that is _not_ true judging from what goes on there, having spoken with the Ashram-ites and residents, remembering Kaivalya, but the perception for me of being “safe”, “protected” is very real for me) In some ways it seems a different world. I wonder if that is an easy path to where and who I long to be. The Universe won’t have me grappling too much longer. as my options for life in the “real world” are rapidly being pulled out from under me. The making of the diamond pressure is to put it kindly…excruciating.

    Sorry I bantered. I do struggle with this. However, the peace of Krishna really pervades the turmoil. THis blog helped me a great deal, so thank you. Thank you Brahmarshi for taking the time to sit with us. Jaia Guru Dev.

  11. I do not have much to add to this blog, other than to agree wholeheartedly with Erik. I find myself meditating, convinced that I am doing the ‘right’ thing. I look for results. i expect results. Exactly what those results look like, I am not sure. Somehow I will be a better person, more evolved i guess. I am looking to “get it all done” in this lifetime (whatever that means). From my childlike religious beliefs of my past: I want God to see me trying and hopefully I will get points for that. Have I matured from that perspective? Yeah, but somewhere it still lingers. Am I alone in this thinking? Am I embarrassed to share it? Can anyone relate? I really don’t know.

    In closing, I smile at my own “smallness.”

  12. One of my primary motivators has always been to help my family and keep my children “safe” . . . .

  13. Enlightenment is so close for so many… but yet so far away. I shake my head in wonder… be easy with it all…
    the right thing… the wrong thing…
    You torture yourself.
    Making enlightenment a goal holds it at a distance.

    Just relax… That is called meditation. Relax means rest into your Self.
    It can not be taken by storm… so why make a storm of your pursuit of it.
    Discernment does not mandate torment. Enjoy…

  14. Funny thing happened along the yellow brick road.
    My longing became my motivation.
    My motivation = liberation, emancipation, evolution and enlightenment…
    Is that pretty cool or what… 🙂
    I think that is having the paradox of life work for me.

  15. And that is very good Steven… for now and well into enlightenment.
    Yet in this blog I spoke of the cosmic motivation…
    Once one has merged with all that is, the natural flow of existence consumes you and becomes your motivation.
    Did you know that Lord Krishna came to facilitate the transition from Dvapara Yuga to Kali Yuga?
    How’s that for motivation?!

  16. Maharshi:
    As you may know, I am so grateful for this Blog and for the opportunity to dialogue. THANK YOU for your response. I have read it just once. When i finish this note I will assimilate it into my heart and apply it to my journey. I write this amidst a few tears of joy. Seriously, in this blog you have explained some of the journey. In your post you remind me that meditation is the map or “GPS” so all I need to do is just relax and trust.

    I wish everyone we know could embrace the comfort that comes from your shared wisdom.

    Once again, THANK YOU for Your guidance, your patience and willingness to share it.


  17. Beautiful !!!

    These points from your quote are soo timely: “the right thing… the wrong thing…You torture yourself. Discernment does not mandate torment. Enjoy… ”

    Jeeezzz do I get tied up in knots…what a comedy. 🙂 I am smiling again…

  18. Yes. I feel you… 🙂 LOL. No I didn’t know that…
    What I will say is subtraction is easier then addition…
    or better put muddying the water is easier than purifying it. If you get my drift… 🙂
    Tell me which Lord… helps us complete the phase shift back to Dwapara Yuga and
    then you got my attention. 😉

    All the best to you, for you and with you!

  19. Steven,

    I feel your flippant comment is a bit disrespectful despite the smiley face. Yes, I’m sure that’s my stuff to some extend, but I can’t help but feel there is also some truth to it. I just believe we owe it to Brahmarshi to put some thought and reflection behind our comments. Humor is one thing, but to say “Tell me which Lord helps us complete the phase shift back to Dwapara Yuga and then you got my attention…” in my view crosses the line of being offensive.
    We are lucky that Brahmarshi is posting these blogs and is so accessible. I know you were trying to make light of it, but to me this kind of language diminishes the value of his blog. Again, I know my stuff is mixed in there, but maybe you can give me some space around it and still hear my point…?

  20. Marion,
    I am very good at listening to other people’s points of view now, that was not always the case.
    That is thanks to Brahmarshi, the teachings and my own self effort.
    I am sorry to you and anyone else that felt it was disrespectful or offensive.
    It was not my intention at all.

    I looked up the definition of the word flippant just so I could understand more.
    flip·pant – frivolously disrespectful, shallow, or lacking in seriousness;
    So, that lead me to look up the word frivolously
    frivolous – 1. characterized by lack of seriousness or sense: frivolous conduct.
    2. self-indulgently carefree; unconcerned about or lacking any serious purpose.

    I can now see where you are coming from and understand your comments about my comments.
    So, I think it might be helpful for me to provide you with the context of my content and maybe to more directly provide my intended abstracted message within the content.

    I agree that my comment was self-indulgent and carefree, at the time I was flying on cloud 9 floating along and in a very blissful state. One could say in an arrogant state. I could not argue with that… 🙂
    But the message in my comments did not lack seriousness. Or at least within my reality, belief system and understanding it did not.

    In my now humble opinion which was not humble at the time. 🙂
    I think subtraction is easier than addition. Tearing something done is easier than building something up.
    What do you think? Would you not agree?
    So, Analogous to that transitioning from an Age of higher coherency to one of lower coherency is easier than bringing a lower coherence to a higher one. Of course they are the same but that is another conversation all together. 😉 So, my comments were intended to be a huge compliment to Brahmarshi because I believe he is on the team of the Lord that is doing the tougher task… Purifying the muddy waters of the current age to bring forth the next age of higher coherency. I was abstractly telling him that he has my full attention and highest respect for the cosmic dharma that he is living out for us and the world. Looks like I have to work on my deliver of a compliment. Message received universe

    Of course, this all occurred only in my mind. I don’t know if my abstract compliment was even received. But alas, thank you for the opportunity to personal process my stuff. And for me to be reminded on need to focus on being more impeccable with my words. I hope this helps. Take care and all the best to you!

  21. Hi Steven,

    Thanks for taking the time to explain your thoughts behind the words. I knew I was projecting onto your email, just didn’t know to what degree. Having said that, I do believe the language makes a difference. I would enjoy reading more about your thoughts going forward. I hope I didn’t offend you. If I did, please know that this was definitely not my intent.

  22. Truly, I was not offended in the least. My current focus in my own personal process is REALLY honoring the reality of others. Through honoring another’s life experiences you allow both experiences to change and in fact transform. I can tell you from experience there is no other way. I am not always able to but I am always grateful for the new opportunities that life brings us. As the Master says, it is an ART… :). We are being thoroughly trained right NOW. Isn’t that so wonderful. 🙂

    Take care and all the best to you!