Upcoming Exciting Jyotish

I remember first hearing about the upcoming time of profound jyotish events around 30 years ago.  That was at the same time I first learned that the Veda explained how to build an enlightened city – the seed of Mount Soma was then planted. I had forgotten all about the Jyotish when I proclaimed this year to be The Year of Manifestation.

I know that many of you have been experiencing a great deal of purification lately while nature has been clearing the way for these profound events.

The end of this month, at the Hanuman Installation, we will be welcoming in the Age of Enlightenment.  To be present during the installation is indeed to be profoundly fortunate… like catching a wave that will carry you to the highest heaven.  Here are the jyotish details:

  • From June 19 to November 2, 2014 (5 months), Jupiter and Saturn will be exalted at the same time (first time in 60 years).  The last time this happened, in every area of pursuit, a generation of global leaders was born.
  • When Jupiter and Saturn are concurrently exalted, it indicates a period of development and positive change for all people, throughout the world. How much development and change one experiences is determined by the positions of these two planets in one’s chart.
  • On July 26, 2014, Jupiter, Sun, and Moon will all be placed in the constellation of Cancer.  The Shrimad Bhagavatam, a Vedic text about Lord Krishna, proclaims this to be a sign of Sat Yuga or an era of immense peace and prosperity.  Note that is will occur while Jupiter and Saturn are both exalted!
  • Also while Saturn and Jupiter are exalted, on September 14 and 15, all planets but Venus are in a sign that it rules or where it is strong.  Surya will be in Leo, his own sign; Moon will be in Taurus, his exaltation sign; Mars will be in Scorpio, his own sign; Mercury will be in Virgo, a position of strength between his own sign and exaltation sign.  Venus is in Virgo with Mercury. This is Venus’ debilitation sign, but the debilitation is cancelled multiple times, and is made stronger each time the debilitation is cancelled. Rahu is in Virgo and Ketu is in Pisces, their own signs.  So, for these two days, this should produce a very powerful boost for each of us and for the entire world. Any children born on these days will be very successful in their life.  This is a highly unusual and auspicious configuration.
  • Currently, Jupiter is in Gemini and aspects Saturn. On June 19, when Jupiter moves into exaltation, it will not aspect Saturn until Saturn moves into Scorpio on November 2. From November 2, 2014 to July 13, 2015, Jupiter will again aspect Saturn. However at that time, Jupiter will also be exalted.

Time to jump on board, hang on to your hat, and enjoy the ride!  Awesome!


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  1. Thank you Brahmarshi for this update! It is lovely to hear about all this planetary support. And I have a client with due date if Sept 20th, I wonder if this baby will show a few days early for that lifetime bonus 🙂 I look forward to being at Mount Soma for some of this time and sitting in your presence for Guru Purnima, Surya Ram class and retreat. Thanks for holding the idea of Mount Soma for us all!

  2. REALLY EXCITING TIMES…. It is amazing to feel it coming(super busy, plenty of purification). And then this blog, the mapping of planets, and the potential. Awesome…. Come Visit , we look forward to seeing Yall.

  3. Thank you again for this exciting news! I love to here the jyotish break down of events. This is a time much needed! Looking forward to all of exciting things to come! With full gratitude for all of your support 🙂

  4. Exciting! This certainly is a big year both personally and for Mount Soma and the world. It is interesting how the expansion coming is congruent on each level of life here. You can just walk around and see it. It makes being a part of this movement very tangible and I’m tremendously happy, both for the success of Brahmarshi’s vision and efforts, and for getting to be a part of it. I hope every one reading this feels their connection too. It will be great to see those of you that can make it out here.

  5. Wow! Thank You Brahmarshi for the information. So beautiful and powerful. I have been feeling the “manifestation” part. Things coming together, things getting done, clear paths laid out. Everything from cleaning out closets to cleaning out my psychological closets. Thank you for creating Surya, and Mount Soma. And thank you for your personal sacrifice; your blood, sweat and tears. You’ve poured your heart into this journey, and into us. You refused to leave us behind. I’m so grateful. I’m hanging on to my hat! I can’t wait to see what unfolds as the ride continues!

  6. Thank you for never giving up. Jai Guru Dev.

  7. Bautista,
    By the way, this blog serves as a response to your recent question. Catch the wave!

  8. What you said here strikes a really deep note. I know very little about astrology, except that over my life occasionally someone says something that strikes a meaningful note…like this one. I wonder if my Jupiter in Pisces, Saturn in Aquarius; and moving out of Jupiter and into Saturn cycles are somehow connected to all of this. I think my Rahu and Ketu are exalted or positive. I’m sure feeling INTENSE pressure…even heart palpitations and dizzy spells..and also profound periods of reverence and humility.

    Lord help me up on that wave and strap me to my surfboard! LOL

  9. Thank you Brahmarshi! I love being alive at this time and feel blessed with awareness to know why my sites are clearly focused on North Carolina. With that said..I could not be more excited about what discoveries are at hand within the second have of my life. My imagination runs wild!

  10. Yes, thank you Brahmarshi. It has been great pondering and soaking up the information. Definitely looking forward to catching the wave! Very excited to be apart of a monumental moment and to have my little one there to experience it as well. Thank you from deep within.