Vastu Systems

vastu homeA number of people are getting confused about vastu.

Know that there are many different systems of vastu.  I have studied a number of them.  If you take a master of one system and walk them through the house of another system, they will tell you it is all wrong.  It is a little like playing music in different keys.  Sharps and flats may work in one key but not another.

After extensive research, at Mount Soma we are using the system of Ganapati Sthapati.  The temple and everything else here is based upon that.  So you would do well to keep your home at Mount Soma in accord with it.  That way you are “in tune with the orchestra” here.

Also note, that you can build a house based upon your personal jyotish chart or based upon the other buildings here.  That is your choice.  If you are building your own home on you own lot, you can build based upon your chart.  If you are buying a cottage, you usually have an option but not always… for example, the 4 flats between the Community Center and Student Union are already locked in and built upon the school chart.  Some argue that is the best way to go.  You may also prefer that more ‘universal’ design if you are thinking of resell, though really, concern about all that is getting overly caught up with it all.  It is fine to buy a house that is built and designed based upon another’s chart.  Personally, I build everything based on the Mount Soma chart and just keep it simple and universal that way.

Michael Borden is the best way to go if you need a vastu expert of the system we use here.  He can be reached at [email protected].  His website is  You would do well to take my advice and not get confused with all the other systems.  I suggest, at Mount Soma, let’s all build in the same “key”.

Also note the words of one vastu expert who flew in to the US from India to stay in my home a couple weeks to teach me a great deal about his system, “There is no such thing as perfect vastu.”  (It is a bit like the concept of ‘a good enough mother’ for those of you who are familiar with that psychodynamic system).  He also said that 80% of vastu is just taking care of the brahmastan.  So try not to lose the forest for the trees and you will do fine.

Michael Borden is a wise and practically experienced vastu expert.  Do as he says and you will do very well. Try to fathom the entire world of vastu and you will likely end up overwhelmed and quite confused.  I spent years on the subject of exploring all the various systems so rest assured that has been taken care of.

By the way, my wife and I recently sold our Asheville home and are now building our new home at Mount Soma. As a result the house we are living in now at Mount Soma is for sale. If anyone is interested, please call Hayley at 828-627-6200.

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  1. Dear Maharshi, I’m happy to help with designs at Mount Soma. There is no other place like it in the world, frankly: a community of Vastu houses around a perfect Vastu temple! Any Vastu house is good for all. The fine tuning just dials in the specific predominant flavor of the good vibration.

  2. It is exciting to see all the houses and cottages going up at Mount Soma, right now. We have only one cottage site left in Stage 1! Pictures of the newest cottages will be posted on Facebook later today if you want to check it out. Special thanks to Maharshi, Michael Borden, Pandit Prasad, generous sponsors, and our excavation and building team for making these vastu cottages available for everyone.

  3. This is very exciting, I can’t wait to come to Mt Soma and see the new cottages. Piece by piece our community is coming together.

  4. I am very excited about what is ahead and all the learning that will accompany my journey East however right now I have to acknowledge the frustration of not being in a position to purchase immediately. My relationship with that fact is calmer today than it was even a year ago..yet..I still do not want to be patient.The one thing that helps tremendously is knowing I have my second dot to stabilize my path.
    It is a gift to be a part of the Mount Soma community even if it is only in spirit at this time.