Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (from Maho Upanishad) means “the whole world is one family”.  If all nations, if all people, could simply work together in harmony, we would have heaven on earth.

The healthy family unit is essential to life.  The world family must not be a dysfunctional family.  But a healthy world family will not be attained by continually trying to mold world affairs to conform to a set of rules.  That is like painting the leaves of a tree green in an attempt to make the tree healthy.  The root must be tended to.

If we properly tend to the root of life, all of life will be healthy.  Bringing that forth for the family of all humanity is the goal and purpose of Mount Soma.  It is attainable.  In fact, what is amazing is not that that is a possibility.  What is amazing is that humanity does not live in accord with that simple principle.

The surface of life offers an unlimited array of polarizing perspectives and simplistic viewpoints.  Tending to life solely on that level will never work.

Water the root to enjoy the fruit of life.  This does not result in a homogenous worldview shared by all cultures.  Quite the contrary.  It nourishes the diversity of cultures in the midst of mutual respect and harmony between them.  After all, the whole world is one family.


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  1. beautiful blog!

  2. Jai Guru Dev!

  3. This so speaks to where you are coming from with Mount Soma and what we are about. It thrills my heart.

  4. Understanding and leaning in this direction would, in itself, change the lives of countless individuals as it raises the consciousness of the world. Please reflect on Maharshi’s words to embody his message.

  5. Beautiful blog that makes me think about the Mount Soma Community, and how we are all one big family. Like all families, things can be difficult at times, but I would like to think that we do our best to support one another. I wonder what the world would be like if all the different countries did their best to support one another… Difficult to imagine…

    Then again, I know that the Mount Soma family still has a ways to go, and I would like to think that by working hard to create the best family possible here at Mount Soma we can help to improve the world family as well.

    Jai Guru Dev