Veda at Every Point

Veda at Every Point | Michael MamasModern physicists have attempted to describe existence as a bubbling foam, where seemingly out of nothingness, subatomic particles emerge at every point throughout space and time. That is really rather accurate. The Veda is not something that happened and then took a step back while the universe manifested from it. The Veda is eternally alive at every point in space throughout time.

Everything in its most fundamental form is just pure Consciousness. Many modern physicists are starting to understand this. Consciousness by its nature becomes conscious of itself, interacts with itself, birthing the Veda. That process goes on at every point in space throughout time.

Reach out and touch a point in space.  The Veda is bubbling up at that point eternally. The Ramayana is there. The Mahabharata. The Itihasas, Puranas, Upanishads, etc.  All there.

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  1. I like this. The veda is not simply a concept. It is not limited to a historic big bang of creation in the universe. The power of consciousness to create is always present.

  2. Beautiful. Thank you.

  3. I love this thought. It feels exciting pay attention to how lively the Veda is all the time. Thank you.

  4. What is the relationship of nothingness with consciousness?

  5. More and more modern physicists will hopefully see that it is consciousness at the source of existence. Some day the study of physics may be the study of Veda. To be a physicist, you must meditate twice a day…

  6. And so, our thoughts (our consciousness) create our belief systems. While meditation takes us to our depth where we see if our belief systems coincide with reality.

  7. Then is the Veda present on other planets and galaxies or would it be more appropriate to say consciousness includes other planets/galaxies?

  8. Many nice comments here. And yes, the Veda is present everywhere in the universe as is pure consciousness. Consciousness = Is-ness.