Veda, Right and Left-handed Tantra 

mudraThe Veda is similar to physics. It is the underlying structure of all existence.

Right-handed tantra is similar to engineering. It is the technology of the Veda.

Left-handed tantra is like when the fuse blows in your home. You have no fuses, so you put a piece of aluminum foil in place of the fuse. Fast results, but you can burn the house down.







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  1. short,sweet and powerful…I like this:-)

  2. Simple and clarifying. It’s good to know how to differentiate.

  3. This makes sense. Technology can be used in life supporting ways. It can also be misused.

  4. Seeming Shortcuts just don’t work. Thanks for the graphic example.

  5. It feels like there is a lot of left-handed tantra in the world today…

  6. WOW, Fascinating