Veda: The Sounds of Nature

Moon and Mahanandi at Mount SomaPanditji, Lakshmi, and I have talked about how late at night when the air is so still here at Mount Soma, if you listen very carefully you can hear the mantras as if being chanted from deep within the forest. Similarly, it is said that when submerged deep within the ocean you can hear the sound Om resonating within.

Today is an absolutely beautiful fall day. The wind is still and the fall colors are stupendous. Standing outside overlooking the temple, I could hear what sounded like ten pandits chanting. I thought it must be a recording that Panditji was playing in the temple. Or perhaps it was being played in the meditation hall. But then I realized it was the sound of stillness in the forests here. It was so soft. I held my breath to hear it better. Beautiful…

I have for many years been fascinated by the idea that the Aranyaka of the Veda is associated with the forest. Was it because the Rishis who cognized the Aranyakas dwelled within the deep forests? But today it was clear. When the environment is pure the forest itself makes the sound of the Veda, the Aranyakas. After all, the Veda IS nature, that which is heard, the sounds of nature. The Aranyakas are quite literally the sounds of the forest.

We are so blessed. At Mount Soma, the deepest value of life, of nature, of Veda are becoming enlivened. When you visit here, if you are still and listen very carefully, you can hear it.

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  1. Just incredibly beautiful!

  2. Beautiful ! I was at the ashram September 18th. it was beautiful .
    The moon was full and the temple in the moon light was beautiful .

  3. This is a wonderful inspiring article. Thank you for connecting the real experience with the traditional teachings… it helps to bring it alive.

  4. thank you for this sweet peace, i can feel it as i think of being at Mount Soma.

  5. The Veda is nature. I keep replaying that phrase in my mind. Sometimes we may think of the Veda is something distant, abstract, and inaccessible. But it permeates all of life, all levels of life. The Veda is there, everywhere, in every moment, every interaction, every experience, for all of us to enjoy,

  6. Awesome! I think this speaks to why all people, to varying degrees, enjoy natural places.