Vedanta - Michael MamasWhat is the difference between intellectually understanding Vedanta and embodying it?
Do you embody it??

If not, how can you possibly understand it?
From the outside looking in, one cannot understand Vedanta.
In the depth of one’s being, everyone knows Vedanta.

To live it is another thing.
And that does not align with one’s preconceived notions of what that looks like (Not even you… no disrespect intended). Vedanta is not a philosophy or religion… It is a physiological state of being.

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  1. Greetings Michael,
    Would you say the Rishis, the Vedic seers, were in such a purified state of physiological being-ness, in the state we now call Vedanta, they were able to cognize that ‘state’ into words (the Vedas) as best words can describe transcendency? That the Vedas invite, encourage and serve as a sign post for anyone who chooses to arrive there as well? Perhaps something like a ‘star chart’ for others to discover they are the Cosmos?
    Thank you a million times over for all your postings; each one is music.
    With best wishes, Gloria

  2. Michael, I had this experience with the death of my grandmother, she was deeply catholic her whole life, despite being judgmental toward us when she past we had this sense of something greater together. When sitting with her both our hearts were more connected and open than ever before. I’m wondering should I study physiology to integrate and understand this experience or Vedanta?

  3. Hi Kelly,
    When I speak of physiology, I’m referring to a greater physiology that includes far more than what it traditionally is understood to include. I suggest that you read my blogs to get a conceptual understanding of the nature of life and existence. That sort of background is required to have the proper context so that you can understand your experience with your grandmother. If you would like, you could also attend some of my classes. Also consider looking at my videos on YouTube. More will be coming out soon.