Vedic Birthday

In the Vedic tradition, your birthday is celebrated when the Sun and Moon are exactly the same distance apart as they were the day you were born.  This year my birthday was September 24.  The two-day celebration was quite an experience.


We are embarking upon a great expedition.  It will be years before all the results are in.  There will be a number of phase transitions along the way. One such transition was when I started the school.  Another was the start of Mount Soma.  Then, when Sri Somesvara Temple was inaugurated.  The power of the Sri Somesvara’s influence is continuing to grow.  Its magnitude will not be fully realized for years to come. There will be many more major transitions along the way as we create an enlightened city as described in the Shatras. Soon it will expand out to other corners of our globe.


When you embark upon a great journey, you have no idea of all the crossroads, hills, and valleys you will traverse.  Yet you have a direction you are moving.  Like that, no one knows what all we will encounter and exactly what marvels we will bring forth along the way.  Many decisions will be need to be made.  Many questions, yet unanswered, will need resolution.


So far we have done well.  In fact, I look back in humble awe upon our successes.  So many decisions mandated.  We met every challenge and surmounted each obstacle. Not only are we still standing, but looking back, we have done well.  We have chosen well.


There is a technology of global transformation to peace, joy, and abundance for the entire world.  I intend to bring it forth.  The time is right.  The time is now.


I am in humble gratitude to the Holy Tradition of Masters who, through the ages, and continue to, light our way.  It is ours to cut away the vines that have overgrown the path.  For those vines, only time is responsible, and it is time that enables us to once again clear the way.


I have only one goal… only one purpose… and that is to bring forth an enlightened world.  For me, nothing else makes any sense.


Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.


  1. Jai Guru Dev

  2. Happy Birthday Brahmarishi!!! Wish we were able to attend the celebration!

  3. Jai Śiva Śaṅkara

  4. Happy Birthday Brahmarishi!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Brahmarshi! Jai Guru Dev! Thank You.

  6. blessings of light & love on this holy day!!

  7. Jai Guru Dev, I am grateful you are a part of my life.