WE Will Change the World

hanuman parkWe have the technology… Vedic technology… the most powerful and 100% positive technology in the world!

So, for goodness sake (and I mean that quite literally!), if Madonna could change the world, we certainly can – and will.

As Peter Drucker said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

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  1. “If you build it, they will come…”

    Jai Guru Dev!!!

  2. I must have done something right my last go round to have earned the opportunity to be a part of something so magnificent this go round. Great Mission-Great People-Great Leader!
    Thank you Brahmarshi..Great weekend as well! “Twice” a day from now on:)

  3. Did madonna change the world didnt realized that 😛

  4. I agree, Michael B., great week-end!!! Thank you for coming out here to CA, Brahmarshi. We really appreciate it!!!

  5. …and I really do believe we will change the world. For one, I feel we have already started to do so, thanks to your Shakti and unparalleled dedication to bring out the Knowledge in its purity. And second because we don’t give up. Even though you are pushing us pretty close to the edge at times — in a good way — and thank you for that!
    That one-liner you mentioned over the week-end is still spinning in my head “surrender is for losers”…we could add and “Surrender is for winners”…perfect for a T-shirt slogan, funny yet deep, and seemingly paradox, just like life…