What Does It Mean?

tree Today is Vijayadashami. Victory Day. It is a good day to start new projects, businesses, etc. It is the day that Lord Rama defeated Ravana and the Goddess Durga defeated the buffalo demon, Mahishasur. But what does that really mean? And how could it be that Rama and Durga both happened to be victorious on the exact same day of the year?

Everything cycles. The sun rises and sets. When the sun shines, flowers bloom. Every season has it own unique influence. Similarly each hour of the day, and each day of the year have a unique influence. There are of course many other variables, many other factors, at work simultaneously. However, it is good to know when ‘the sun will be shining’ so you can ‘make hay while the sun shines’. There are also ‘Nodal points’. Like water freezing at 32 degrees.. not 33, 34, or 31. Today is a nodal point in nature called Vijayadashami, Victory Day.

But who is victorious on Victory Day? Those who act in harmony with the laws of nature will be supported toward victory on this day. This is a mechanic deep within creation. Rama and Durga are both very deep principles ‘woven within’ the very fabric of creation. This day then carries that influence, their day of victory.

Why would this be hard for some people to comprehend? People have no problem ‘believing’ that individual human beings exist because they see them in the physical body. But stop and think a minute here. People are born out of nature… ‘Right? So why is it so hard to understand that the intelligence that birthed personified beings (humans) also has personified aspects? Just because you can’t see it? Keep in mind we have no technology that can read a mind. Similarly, we have no technology that can ‘read the mind’ of the underlying basis of existence. But because people can’t see it or read it, they conclude it does not exists? Isn’t that rather arrogant? And why, too, is it so difficult to understand that some people, Rishis, have developed an ability to perceive that which others cannot? Isn’t that also rather arrogant? To question it is understandable. To insist that it is absolutely not true is absurd.

I am a scientist by formal education. I insist that things must make sense. At this point in human history, knowledge has advanced in so many fields of life, that by putting all the pieces together, the big picture can be logically derived. To those willing to entertain the possibility, I offer that compelling understanding.

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  1. Beautiful, thank you…!

  2. I love how it must make sense. I’ve been exposed to a lot of other spiritual teachers and there are always gaps in their teachings that need to be filled by ‘faith’. I think only a scientist from the West who is transgradiently integrated could be the one to usher in an age of enlightenment within these mixed-up, although mostly rational, times.

  3. I think it interesting that May Day is the 111th day of the year and that 9/11 is 111 days before the end of the year.
    I have noticed that on these days public disturbances are organized and occur often around obelisks in city centers.
    For example most cities have ordinances allowing demonstrations around these obelisks and are often encouraged on May day. We all know about 9/11.

    Its great to see Mt. Soma, a nodel point on the earth, putting good energy into the world on these days. And all days. So many are coming to understand that time is structured and certain days are better for influencing all that is, than others.

    This video by an architect lays out how the structure of our cities and world is based on these geometries and points in time and space. I love this stuff.

    Hidden in plain sight

    Thanks for holding the “good” energy there for the rest of us. John

  4. Thank you again for making things more clear, filled with truth.