What is Reality? …Continued

branchThe following is a very beautiful comment to the “What is Reality?” blog and very true.  I believe that the word, Hindu, was created by the British?  It meant followers of Indu!  This is just something I learned years ago and can not document it.  Of course, there are many philosophies spinning around The Veda.  Though different aspects of Veda are called philosophies, they are better thought of as ‘eternal principles’ as stated in the comment.  Veda is nature.  The mechanics of nature are understood through study of the Veda.  The fundamental basis of nature as viewed through western science is the unified field.  As in the comment below, it is Oneness, the principle of “advaitha”, non-duality.

I would add that the principle is not understood through study alone.  It must be embodied.  It must be experienced.  This speaks of a level of Unity Consciousness.  Not an attitude or belief system but a level of consciousness… enlightenment.  Of course, to study it is of great value and facilitates the path to enlightenment… proper meditation also being highly important.  Also the word ‘reality’ is often used loosely.  I attempted to give some sense of the deeper meaning in the ‘What is Reality’ blog.

Sree, I enjoyed this comment very much.  It would be a pleasure to meet you at Mount Soma some day.

Sree’s comment follows:

The word “Hinduism” and “Hindu Philosophy” are wrongly used by many millions in Bharath (India) and throughout the rest of the world.. There is no such word in ancient Indian scriptures. Hindu has no meaning and it does not belong to any of the Indian languages. First of all, Bharath has no religion (reunite) and there is a very good reason for that. We have eternal principles that one must follow. The most important one is “advaitha” or one-ness. In other words, there is no duality in this universe. Once this concept is understood, you understand the reality.

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  1. Together we Stand, United with All =)

  2. I had a very interesting feeling today as I read this. Discerning on the reality of everything and everyone as one along with the reality that I am here in Danville longing for the day I am back at Mount Soma (in other words separate from)I felt briefly yet remarkably united with all that is. I relate that (today) directly and simply to the gift of having these teachings and discussions available. They will not blur my focus East however they do ease the frustration:)
    Thank you Brahmarshi..you are a gift beyond comprehension