What is Reality?

 “A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.”  – Albert Einstein

WJ9A1446This universe is a reality continuum… an infinite number of simultaneously valid yet contradictory realities.  On one level, in one reality, you and I are one… everything is the unified field. In the physical reality, you and I are separate. People cling to one reality or another and call it truth. Divergent branches of Hinduism insist they are right and the opposing Hindu philosophy is wrong.

The enlightened cling to nothing. They align with the reality that best serves the moment. They spontaneous live life in harmony with the reality continuum. They live in freedom. Their life is infinitely creative. What they align with is not based upon what any teacher told them or anything they have been indoctrinated into. They use the philosophies of different realities, yet the philosophies do not use them. They express themselves in terms of popular world views to be understood more easily, but see beyond those views at the same time. They may use quotes and philosophies of famous people to give expression to what they experience, but are not limited by any philosophy, world view, or belief system. An infinite number of world views emerge from deep within them from moment to moment as best serves the situation. They are not enslaved by any world view.

They see clearly. They see what is. They place little value on what they are told should be. It is called spiritual emancipation for a reason. They are free of indoctrination… free of samskaras… free of limitation…. unbounded… infinitely  creative from moment to moment. The enlightened live in harmony with nature. Their nature and Mother Nature are one. Nature then determines the philosophy they align with from moment to moment.

If you are to comprehend what is being said here, you must strive to do so. Yet it is quite understandable that you may strive to refute it in order to keep your current understanding, your current knowledge, your current belief system in tact. However, if you do that, your resistance will likely be enough to prevent you from understanding what is being said here. You may try to refute this as another belief system. You may claim you already understand it but just disagree. You may insist that it just does not interest you, or you do not need to know it. You may search for a way to prove it wrong before you really even comprehend it. I assure you it is a profound and most important thing to comprehend. Once comprehended, you will realize that it is the essence of what the tradition of enlightened master, the rishis , were saying. If it were not just that subtle and elusive, everyone would have been enlightened long ago. Also remember, the spiritual path is a long one.  A lifetime of study is a very short time. The spiritual path is not measured in years or decades.  It is measured in lifetimes.

The knowledge of Veda is sometimes thought of as a secret knowledge. However, it is not a secret because it is hidden away. It is secret because even after reading, studying and listening, it remains a secret to the student. It is as elusive as the mystery of life and existence itself, for that is exactly what it is about.

The genuine spiritual Guru uses philosophies to lead the student to a place that lies beyond the grasp of all philosophies. This level of teaching is extraordinarily rare and oh so very precious.

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  1. Dearest Brahmarshi,


    I know with every cell in my body that you are the Guru of our age. I long with every fiber of my being to attain Enlightenment. It is the only thing that matters. It is the point of my existence, and the quest of my being. I am both encouraged and discouraged by the process. What’s wrong with me? Nothing? I sense the Transcendent, on whatever level my state of evolution allows. Yet to feel so connected and not Unified seems like a rejection. What is wrong with me? Am I not good enough? You’ve asked many times in class, if we could ask one question what would it be? I’ve always thought long and hard, only to settle on “what’s my problem”? Conditioning…Samskaras…Perhaps I have too much to overcome in this lifetime. That’s probably true for most of us. The thought makes me weep…The world makes me weep…This blog makes me weep…I”m sorry. This is how I’m feeling. It feels very familiar. It is one of my many folds. I guess my only consolation is that it is guaranteed to happen one way or another, sooner or later.

    Jai Guru Dev!

  2. Geoff,
    I was just helping someone with that exact same question when I sat down at my computer and read your comment. There is nothing wrong with you. People tend to fear that they are the one exception.. the one problem child… the one person with the flaw that blocks the way… the one person for whom evolution does not work. Rest assured that is not the case. Juat have a steady hand on the rudder and face the wind. You know what to do. I know it would work. You are way ahead in the game because you know what to do. So many have no idea. You have the longing. Now all you need is the patience and persistence. Now it is up to you to just do it!

  3. Thank you for your comment Geoff and Thank you Brahmarshi…for my life

  4. Thanks Geoff, for such honesty. I’ve been there, done that. Lately, I don’t seem to have the same level of wanting. I don’t know if I’ve gotten a bit fatalistic or what. It doesn’t feel hopeless, it just feels like the marathon of marathons. One saint (?) from India said that a person would be enlightened within three lifetimes of getting onto the true path. Even if this is wrong, I cling to it. The thought of enlightenment being a thousand lifetimes in the future is just too much for me. Whether this lifetime or two more lifetimes to go, having evolution as the highest priority is the answer. Now, if I can just get my rear end to Mount Soma!

  5. Geoff: Thank you for sharing your feelings so candidly. I expressed a similar sentiment in the form of a blog question to Brahmarshi last week. His responsed in a manner that was reassuring, comforting and as usual, thought provoking. I tell you this is to let you know that you also speak for me and many others as well. I KNOW that you are not alone.

    After reading your post and comparing my own feelings to yours, it dawned on me that we are making progress while second guessing of ourselves. Maybe it’s so subtle we don’t notice or maybe the road is longer than we realized. I suspect that feeling of being lost is typical of this journey. I really think we are “doing it right,” so to speak. I don’t know anyone personally who thinks the way I/we do about enlightenment. I feel all alone sad and afraid at times. But I think we are probably OK. I am grateful to you and the others who can relate. Hopefully, one of these lifetimes we’ll meet at Enlgitenment.

  6. Brahmarshi:

    Quoting from your post :”If you are to comprehend what is being said here, you must strive to do so.”
    I am embarrassed to ask this question because I think the answer is obvious. The question is HOW must I strive to do so? I assume the answer is through Surya classes, lectures, blogs and Surya meditation?

  7. I suggest if your mind is wandering that your read a book called Tripura Rahasya, once completed read Guru Gita
    May perhaps help you understand that your role is that of a mere observer, just watch the play and move on practise detachement as much as possible and happiness is within u and so is all teh emotions within you creations of your wandering mind
    Watch this , maybe it will help you understand some more

  8. Yes Bill,
    And thinking, pondering, reflecting, questioning, inner exploration …

  9. Thank you all for being so supportive. These blogs and comments are in a way an extension of class, and it’s amazing how similar it can feel processing online. So, here’s one of my “tools” for bringing me back into “balance”? Pink Floyd! Usually it’s Dark Side of the Moon (Cosmic Cushion) and a nice hot bath. But here are a few lines I think work nicely here:

    “Hey you!
    Out there in the cold. Getting lonely. Getting old. Can you feel me?
    Hey you!
    Standing in the aisles, with itchy feet and fading smiles. Can you feel me?
    Hey you!
    Don’t help them to bury the light. Don’t give in, without a fight!”

    We need to “Tear Down the Walls”!

    Bill, I think the best way we can Strive is to do all that you assume, and most importantly what Mark points out. We all need to get our rear ends to Mount Soma!

    Wish we were all there =)

    Shine on all you amazing diamonds =)

  10. As Adi Shankara said, the spiritual path is the path of discernment.

  11. It is important to understand that the observer and detachment are not attitudes or moods to be taken on. True detachment is a state of physiology cultivated over time. It is the unbounded transcendent underlying all existence that is truly detached. This lies far beyond a psychological state.

    Everything exists transgradiently across the reality continuum going from the superficial to the deep. The meaning of a word changes as you go deeper and deeper. The transcendental meaning of detachment is very different than a psychological state or intellectual understanding.

    To awaken to true detachment is a very rare thing. It is the result of evolution cultivated through meditation and all the things mentioned by Bill.

    If held properly the things Shubhangi suggested might also be helpful.

  12. 10:15 Friday night, a beautiful night, sitting below the stars on cape cod, profoundly grateful for each of you. If you are reading this; THANK you.

  13. Ok. I can’t resist. I also think it relates to these recent blogs.

    I was driving my wife Karen home from the airport last night, and I had her read the blog and comments. Of corse, she just had to laugh at my first submission. In any event, after hearing it again, I thought of one of my favorite quotes Brahmarshi uses. “The only true knowing is knowing we know nothing”. Tying that in with my Pink Floyd Rx, I thought maybe the path to Enlightenment is all about becoming “Comfortably Dumb”! Karen said she will never be able to hear that song the same way again. I hope we can all laugh at becoming comfortable with knowing we know nothing =)

  14. Dearest Brahmarshi,

    I consider myself to e clung onto the physical world. Although I am working on that. My realities at this point are strictly run by my emotions and experiences. I am currently in Afghanistan and the knowledge that you speak of is very touching. But this place brings it out of me. There is so much pain and suffering here. People die everyday of the common cold. Children are starving and neglected. I can feel it. It takes it out of me. Mentally and physically drains me. How is this my reality. I cannot be in a unified field with these people yet Im connected. I guess I am asking. How can we always be one if there are always going to be those few that make you have doubts. Those few in my case that drain you with their pain and suffering. How can this be my reality…