What is the Moon?

moonTo understand anything is to understand its source.  All things emerge from the One, the Transcendent, the Unified Field.

The mechanic unfolds as the field of polar opposites emerges, starting with Oneness catching a glimpse of itself and viewing it as “other.” Separation is birthed. Multiplicity unfolds.

Yin and Yang… the Moon and the Sun. The Moon is water – Soma, soft and nourishing.  The Sun is Agni – fire. Polar opposites.

Infinite microcosms are born, each a full expression of the mechanic of manifestation of Oneness.

Our solar system is but one of them.

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  1. I heard in the news today that last night was what the NASA calls “Supermoon”. They say that once a year the full moon is 14% larger and about 30% brighter than during the rest of the year. Does that mean that agni and soma are out of balance at that time? Can you say more about this?

  2. Thank you for this entry. The “Supermoon” was spectacular last night. I was wondering if you would speak to the lunacy of individuals and why this tends to happen during the full moon. And how the moon is viewed as the emotional component in the Jyotish chart and if it correlates.

  3. NASA calls this moon a perigee moon.

  4. Marty is correct…that periggee is the scientific term used in astronomy. Further, this “Supermoon” or “perigee” technically occurs twice per year as the moon transits it’s elliptical orbit around the Earth. On one occasion the event is visible…

    So…, if the Moon correlates to Soma, why do more brilliant moons appear to trigger more Agni in people (as Kimie suggests) …? Could it be that the Moon is reflecting more of the Sun’s light – Agni …? Does this also suggest that the Moon transforms Agni into Soma …? The correlations seem to be infinite…

  5. On the news last night they said there wouldn’t be another full moon like this until 2027 or 2029.

    Looking forward to the Soma/Agni response.