What is This Place?

Delivering a package, a driver for DHL asked me what this place, Mount Soma, was all about?  I told him the following:

There are two approaches to science… conventional and Vedic.  Albert Einstein studied Vedic a great deal.  He met with Vedic scholars and studied Vedic texts. Much of his work was based upon the Vedic understanding of Creation.

I was a physics major in college and my interest was in the nature and manifestation of existence, which lead me to study Vedic science.

This place is dedicated to the science and technology of Vedic knowledge.

He was intrigued.

mount soma

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  1. Me too.

  2. Great elevator pitch… I will have to memorize this one. It is crisp clean and neat. 🙂

  3. Thanks Brahmarshi. Now I know what to say to my friends and family what Mount Soma is about in a nutshell. Thank you!

    BTW, beautiful photo! We rarely get the fog this dense in Southern California. It always bring out my feelings of joy and excitement of going to a sacred place. Thanks for sharing.

  4. We are all so different:) As I have shared M.Soma with several people..some have been interested,some very interested,some intrigued and some ask if it is a cult..all the while my soul is doing jumping jacks of excitement:)
    Fascinating and.. it is what it is!.
    Thank you Brahmarshi