Where the Rakshasas Dwell

During Satya Yuga, Rakshasas live in a different Loka (plane of existence).

During Treta Yuga, Rakshasas live on a different island, like in the Ramayana.

During Dvapara Yuga, Rakshasas live in a different city or area on the same body of land, like in the Mahabharata.

During Kali Yuga, Rakshasas live in the hearts and minds of human beings.

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  1. Totally makes sense to me, as sometimes “my mind”(?) switches into such negative and abusive thoughts. All I can do is be aware and switch into a more positive mode. Whereas my heart stirs up with emotional drivel that is total fantasy based on those thoughts. Sometimes they feel like they are literally coming off my body when I meditate. And I feel like I am in a protective zone at Mount Soma. I would love to hear other people’s comments.

  2. Interesting blog. I had to look up the term rakshasa. Although generally blood sucking, flesh eating beings, some were said to be very skillful warriors and used their powers of illusion effectively in battles. So I will accept that there could be good rakshasas living in me. Bears further exploration.

  3. Hi Charlotte,
    Yes, Rakshasas are not totally bad. They can be great beings with a current of something not so great running through them.

    Consider yourself ahead of most if you recognize your ‘inner Rakshasas’ as your stuff and do not justify it as truth. So many lives are lived overtaken by identity with ‘Raksasha perspectives’. It is understandable to have such things come up. The wise overcome them sooner rather than later, and move forward with constructive wisdom.

  4. I have always wanted to know that. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  5. Rich blog and commentary. Thanks everyone.

  6. I was wondering why the blog on rakshasas came up? Certainly that fiery, tamasic aspect is coming up on many levels right now from volcanoes to politics.
    Can you illuminate what you felt into?

  7. I purchased a book named The Dharma SutrAs 15days ago at ShivA temple at NC, US and I crossed you, and unfortunately I missed to greet you as i purchased book Only after seeing you sir.Task Master you are.Namaskaram to you.