Why Does Karthikeya Have Two Wives?

Karthikeya and His Two WivesThe Gods are principles or laws of nature. Karthikeya is the organization of the flow of the laws of nature. Much of how we understand our universe is through the understanding of electromagnetics.

With electricity, as an electron moves down a wire, two waves follow along the electron… a magnetic wave and an electric wave… the two wives of the electron.

The double helix of DNA structure wraps around the central core of the DNA. Karthikeya has two wives.

The medical symbol caduceus with the two snakes around the center. Karthikeya has two wives.

The bilateral symmetry of our bodies, two eyes, ears, etc. Karthikeya has two wives.

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  1. I love how you show how different things in the universe map on to each other – follow similar principles – and how they relate to basic principles of creative intelligence symbolized anthropomorphically through the Vedic literature.

    I’m curious if you’re able to share how you discover these underlying relationships. I’ve not heard them elsewhere.


  2. Larry,
    Everything dwells within, including interconnections within nature. The principles that dwell at the depth well up through and permeate all levels of existence. Finding them within yourself, you then find them within nature. It’s not that patterns in nature “follow similar principles,” rather they are the very same principles manifesting on different levels of existence. It’s not just objects that exist transgradiently through the reality continuum (i.e., on all levels of existence), but also principles. Finding them within yourself, you just naturally see them everywhere.

  3. Beautiful-Such a simple explanation with examples in nature make it easy to understand. Now, I’ll never forget this law of nature and its persona(s).

  4. Very nice blog, I don’t quite understand it yet, but I’m hoping it will come to me later. For some reason I find myself drawn to Karthikeya. I don’t know why, he isn’t my ishta devata or anything, but when I’m at the temple my heart swells when I look at him.

  5. Thank you. That provides great understanding and insight for me.

  6. Electricity and magnetism are two separate forces. Karthikeya has two wives.

  7. Ok, this may be too literal, and I don’t know enough about it to really comment, but it’s interesting to me to ponder, just for fun.

    The electron moves down the wire, but what makes it move? Exposure to a magnetic field makes it move, as I understand it.

    So it’s hard for me to see what comes first.

    If you put a wire in a magnetic field (called Vali, let’s say), an electron (Kartikeya) will start to move through the wire, producing electricity (Devasina), right? So it seems like the magnetic field (Vali) came first.

    But also, as the electron (Kartikeya) moves, producing electricity (Devasina), it also produces its OWN magnetic field (Vali), right?

    So it seems to me like a magnetic field (Vali) can both appear first and appear last.

    This is fun, to me, to think about, regarding what unfolds from pure consciousness first: Kartikeya? Vali? Devasina?

    Also, the relationship between electricity and magnetism is called one thing, electromagnetism, but they are 2 separate things: electricity and magnetism.

    Still, my friend from the ashram says perhaps they are also really two sides of the same one force.

    This is fun for me to think about, as the relationship between Vali and Devasina. Or as aspects emerging from Kartikeya.

  8. Not a Science Major,
    It is non-sequential. It is simultaneous on the transcendental level. Sequentiality comes in relative existence which emerges out of transcendent.