World Peace, Vedic Technology and Mount Soma

I have confidence in the technology of Vedic science. Studies at universities have shown that on a small scale, the technology works. Statistical p-values make its validity undeniable. Yet, because Vedic technology is not consistent with the way people have been indoctrinated into thinking, it is usually ignored. Instead, people cling to their current perspectives, even when those perspectives are limited or even flawed.

For example, in spite of the contradictions, many physicists cling to their current perspective on the Big Bang. Many biologists realize that evolution of species happened too fast to stand alone as valid, yet they do not update their theories. Vedic knowledge offers the solution to these contradictions. Yet, people have a hard time changing their beliefs, even when the proof is there.

The Vedic technology to bring about world peace is available. It is a technology as precise as any scientific technology in the world. Mount Soma (like everything else) can be viewed from different perspectives. Though it is so much more, Mount Soma can be viewed as a research ‘laboratory’ which adheres to the precise principles of Vedic technology to create a source that radiates peace and harmony to the world.

People marvel over the fabulous ancient ruins around the world: civilizations with phenomenal technologies we today cannot comprehend. They are technologies that have been lost to time. However, what perhaps makes Vedic Knowledge unique is that its knowledge has been passed on in the Vedic Literature and preserved by the Vedic Pandits.

Mount Soma is a place where we intend to complete the implementation of the Vedic technology for world peace. It is not based upon superstition, blind faith, or dogma. It is developed with the same (or even more) rigor as seen in Western science.

The technology is there, available in the Vedic literature. So, why would we not research it? Why would we not try it out? Even great physicists in the West, like Einstein, Oppenheimer, Schrodinger, Heisenberg, etc., studied it. So let’s build it and see!

A Vedic expert (Sthapati) from India visited Mount Soma. He began to cry with tears of joy about what we are building here. He said that such a place exists nowhere else in the world.

At first I questioned him saying, “How could that be? There are so many magnificent temples in India!”

He insisted that the aspect of Vedic technology we are employing was not used there.

I thought for a moment, and then with confidence, responded, “Do you know why?”

He looked at me inquisitively.

Then I said, “Kali Yuga.”

He smiled and nodded.

Kali Yuga is the Age of Ignorance.

The science was there, but nobody would believe that Marconi’s radio could work until he built it. Scientific evidence supports that the technology to build what we are building at Mount Soma will work. Together we can build it. We have only to make it happen!! Why would we not give it our best?!

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  5. But why enlightened gurus didnt make these in India?

    And about the ancient ruins we cant comprehend… yes like in Ethiopia, underground carved from stone church, how did they do that.
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  6. A true blessing to live in this time..with this knowledge..with this teacher..with this awareness.