The Swastika and Dhruva

The Swastika and DhruvaThe central point of the Christian Holy Cross represents the Atman, the place deep inside a soul that is One with the Divine. The cross indicates that everything points to, leads to, the Atman… enlightenment.

The Swastika is the cross with the four arms ‘bent’ indicating that the path to enlightenment is elusive, not a straight line. The central point correlates with (maps on to) the North Star, the pole star…Dhruva in sanskrit. Everything, all the stars revolve around the Pole Star, Dhruva.

The seven stars of the big dipper are the Saptarishis, which by rotating around Dhruva, form a swastika. (more information) The Saptarishis as the guiding lights of dharma point the direction to the Atman, enlightenment.

In Vedic literature, Dhruv was the son of a king ignored by the king and denied his rightful place in life. Dhruv vowed to attain a place in life even higher than what he was denied, and went off and worshipped Lord Vishnu. Vishnu then gave Dhruv the status of the Pole Star. In other words, Dhruv awoke to his Divine nature, became enlightened, and realized that the entire universe revolves around the true Divine Self, the Atman.

Dhruv being ignored is like the Self, the Atman, being ignored in the state of ignor-ance before enlightenment.

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  1. Fascinating!

  2. Thank you. I was interested to understand the deeper significance of the pole star and the role it symbolizes in consciousness. The understanding of the center of the cross as Atman is also interesting.

  3. Beautiful

  4. this is sooo interesting…

  5. Thank you. I appreciate the information on the cross, too.

  6. This was a very thought provoking blog!

  7. I found the relationship between the Christian cross and the Swastika particularly interesting. I’ve long suspected that there are fundamental truths at the basis of every religion and it always warms my heart to see evidence of that. Somehow it makes me feel more connected to our global humanity.

  8. So interesting. Thank you for explaining about the Swastika and Cross.

  9. This is a fabulous blog!

  10. Michael Mamas explains how the universe works with such beauty and poetry. He paints such an elegant universe with his words.

  11. Thank you very much for the explanations.

  12. I liked learning about the cross, too. I think the photo is incredibly powerful. The glow in the altar and purity of the temple with the sweetness of the little boy along with the hand-worked sand artwork of the swastika all converge into a new experience of the swastika. They help to undo decade upon decade of extreme ignorance-turned-hatred that has been heaped upon the swastika. It’s very healing.

  13. This is very powerful. I find it fascinating.

    So by getting support of the saptarishis. one gets supported by dharma, and that helps guide us to our own enlightenment, realization of our true Self?

    Then in addition to regular meditation, which aligns us with Natural Law, are there things specifically that we can learn about enlivening the support of each of the saptarishis?

    Thanks for bringing out this Knowledge.

  14. Larry,
    I am planing on addressing this in a future blog… should be soon.

  15. Very interesting. I very much appreciate your comment, mbs, even though I think it might still take me a while until I can look at this symbol and associate it with something positive. Having grown up in Germany,the feeling of collective guilt and utter contempt for Hitler’s atrocities still permeates my consciousness when I look at this symbol. And that even though I hadn’t even been born yet at the time. Good to hear that the symbol itself is actually very positive. Maybe there will be opportunity for healing. Not to forget, but at least to heal…

  16. Is there a difference between the left- and right-facing swastika? I’ve seen both and was wondering if it actually changes its impact.